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Image by Sam McGhee

A collection of things I've participated in to build eminence and advocate more strongly for causes I believe in.

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External Interviews and Talks: Work

Featured as part of the International Women's Day 2021 celebration on the IBM LinkedIn page.

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Other Highlights:

  • Presenter @ Accelerate AI at Scale with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, DSE Presents Chat with the Lab, August 2021. Link

  • Speaker @ The Agile AI Lifecycle: Driving Business Value through Data Science Projects, WorldFestival - The Center of World Innovation, August 2021. Link

  • Presenter @ How Worlds Collide: Natural Language Processing and the Financial Services Sector, DSE Presents Chat with the Lab, June 2021. Link

  • Speaker @ Data and AI Digital Developer Conference: Meet the Data Science and AI Elite Team, June 2021. Link

  • Presenter @ Winning with AI: Industry 4.0, DSE Presents Chat with the Lab, May 2021. Link

  • Speaker @ A day in the life of an IBM data scientist: DSE Presents Chat with the Lab, December 2020. Link

  • Speaker @ Business and AI: Strategies and ROI, Silicon Valley Innovation Center, October 2020. Link.

  • Panelist @ Columbia University Data Science Institute Alumni Panel, April 2019. Link.

  • Panelist @ Future-Proofing in the Digital Age: A Summit Organized by Columbia University Data Science Institute and the Data Innovation Network, October 2018. Link.

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